Thomas Kinkade, known as “The Painter of Light,” is one of the most popular artists in America and most widely collected artists in the world. He painted more than 1,000 pieces on various topics. The paintings depicted scenes of a light-filled America with a heavy emphasis on idealistic scenes such as lighthouses, cottages, and gardens.

There are many animated Thomas Kinkade Christmas gifts you can choose for your family members or loved ones. With soft lights, sounds and feel of the season, each type of decoration adds to the feeling of holiday magic. Inspired by Thomas Kinkade heartwarming charm of art and a holiday classic, the illuminated Thomas Kinkade Christmas trees, Christmas villages, Christmas snow globes as well as Christmas Centerpieces, Christmas Candleholders and Christmas Lanterns to brighten your holiday season, year after year.

Top Ten Thomas Kinkade Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

1. Thomas Kinkade The Heart Of Christmas Tabletop Tree With Lights, Motion And Music

This tabletop tree is fully-sculpted and intricately handcrafted of artist’s resin with real beaded garland, assorted sculptural ornaments and silver-painted snowflakes.

It lights up! This handcrafted Thomas Kinkade tabletop Christmas tree is adorned with candles that flicker with LED lights, village buildings that illuminate from within at the base and a glowing star topper

There’s motion! A Holiday Express train really moves around the base of the tree at the touch of a switch.

2. Thomas Kinkade Journey Home For The Holiday Christmas Village Snowglobe

This crystal-clear snowglobe has a silvery star topper holding a fully sculpted, handcrafted and hand-painted miniature village of 3 buildings inspired by the holiday art of Thomas Kinkade. It rests atop a fully sculpted, snow-dusted landscape dotted with pine trees and encircled by railroad tracks.

  • Lights up! With the flip of a switch, the church on the hill and both Victorian homes illuminate from within for a breathtaking view
  • Built-in water pump keeps snow flurries dancing all around the village
  • Plays music! This Thomas Kinkade snowglobe plays a medley of 8 beloved holiday melodies including “Jingle Bells,” “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and more
  • There’s motion too! A miniature steam train, painted red and green for the season, circles around the track, in and out of the mountainside tunnel

3. Thomas Kinkade Winter In A Wonderland Illuminated Lantern

Inspired by the twinkle of falling snowflakes that shimmer in the light, this six-sided illuminated Thomas Kinkade Christmas lantern is the first to include a rotating SparkleLight hidden under the lid, which, when activated, creates a mesmerizing effect.

The snowman at the center holds onto a custom sled featuring Thomas Kinkade’s Victorian Christmas II artwork and he’s surrounded by loved ones, including a gentle baby deer, bright red cardinal, adorable bunny and raccoon bearing a twinkling gift.

It lights up! The unique pierced lantern design includes a rotating SparkleLight concealed beneath the lid, which, when activated, rotates to send white light through every opening in the lantern.

4. Thomas Kinkade A Warm Winter Welcome Snowman Wreath

This impressive 24″ teardrop-shaped snowman wreath is handcrafted with the look of fresh-cut pine and decorated with silver-plated, glittery round ornaments, silvery snowflake designs, realistic-looking holly leaves and crimson berry clusters and a double-layered silky blue ribbon.

A dapper, hand-painted snowman with real fabric scarf, festive blue bow, snow-glittered top hat and bright blue “knit” mittens holds a handcrafted lantern inspired by the distinctive lampposts in Thomas Kinkade’s holiday masterpieces.

It lights up! At the flip of a switch, the lantern glows with warm illumination as sparkling white lights add a joyful holiday glow to the lush evergreen boughs.

5. Thomas Kinkade Season Of Light Christmas Snowglobe Candleholders

These set of two illuminated snowglobe candleholders showcases Thomas Kinkade’s beloved “Victorian Christmas” and “A Holiday Gathering” artwork on pedestal bases in full color. Each candleholder features a real glass snowglobe that showcases a hand-cast, hand-painted miniature house sculpture inspired by Thomas Kinkade’s holiday imagery.

They light up! Each sculpted house lights up from within at the flip of a switch, while the flameless candles flicker and glow with a simple twist. The snowglobe bases hold glittering white tapered “candles” that feature flameless lights.

A gentle shake sends glittery snowflakes swirling around the festive scenes inside the globes, added to the charm of this Thomas Kinkade home decor.

6. Thomas Kinkade Holidays Bring You Home Christmas Village Table Centerpiece

This village centerpiece is framed by a lush Always in Bloom floral arrangement filled with seemingly alive poinsettias, holly leaves, greenery and pine cones that are all individually hand-made for true-to-life texture and color.

The miniature sculptures recreate a Thomas Kinkade Christmas village in an arrangement of 3 buildings inspired by his beloved holiday art.

Lights, music and motion! At the flip of a switch, the village and sparkling star topper light up as a festive medley of 8 classic carols plays and a real working train circles around the scene; includes a one-hour shutoff timer.

7. Thomas Kinkade’s Illuminated Village Christmas Collection

This welcoming holiday wonderland begins with Issue One featuring the Holiday Bed and Breakfast and FREE Gift Bearers figurine. Soon you’ll be basking in the warm glow of Issue Two, Light of Hope Church and a FREE antique car figurine. Additional village buildings, each a separate issue and some with select free figurines and accessories, will follow.‡

A Hawthorne Village exclusive inspired by the work of acclaimed artist Thomas Kinkade, each of these unique Christmas decorations is handcrafted and hand-painted for exceptional realism.

You’ll love every detail, from the snow that blankets each building to the festive Christmas decorations – even the buildings’ textured siding and stonework look real. Plus, every lighted building bears a replica of Thomas Kinkade’s signature.

8. Thomas Kinkade Crystal Snowman Top Hat With Music And Lights

This multi-faceted genuine crystal top hat showcases a fully sculpted snowman surrounded by pine trees and forest friends in a festive holiday scene. One of Thomas Kinkade’s most beloved paintings, “Victorian Christmas III,” is faithfully recreated on the snowman’s coat

Lights and music! With the flick of a switch, suspended lights inside this crystal snowman sculpture create a sparkling snowfall as a medley of 8 classic holiday melodies plays.

Shimmering with the sparkle of genuine crystal and lavished with hand-painted details, this one-of-a-kind treasure is sure to warm your heart!

9. Thomas Kinkade Santa Claus Sculpture With Christmas Tree and Nativity Snowglobe

This Thomas Kinkade Christmas decor is meticulously handcrafted and expertly hand-painted to bring a heartwarming holiday tableau to life. Santa Claus sits beside a Christmas tree holding a snowglobe with a Nativity scene inside featuring the Holy Family: Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus.

Lights up! The fully sculpted Christmas tree behind Santa illuminates at the touch of a button.

Plays classic narration! With the touch of a switch, you’ll hear Thomas Kinkade’s recorded voice as he narrates the beloved Christmas Story.

10. Thomas Kinkade Light Up The Season Christmas Tree Ornaments

This first-of-a-kind set of four glass ornaments incorporates miniature LED lights directly into the decorative golden cappers of each ornament that when switched on, highlight an abundance of gorgeous, artistic design features.

Hand-blown in classic teardrop shapes, each light-up holiday ornament in this set features a unique “crackle” pattern on the glass as well as gleaming finishes in the vibrant colors of red, gold, blue and green. Golden and silvery swirls of glitter, faceted simulated jewels and glittered snowflake and star patterns complement Thomas Kinkade’s four finest holiday scenes.

The built-in timer in each ornament turns it on automatically every night at the same time for 6 hours of enjoyment.